What is Enterprise Shipping?

What is Enterprise Shipping?

Company broadcast is not a mysterious business function. Its actually exactly what it sounds like. It is the shipping process performed at a level that is visible to all leading persons or employees who have been granted permission to perform the freight task or see the shipping information at the company level.

Business shipping goes beyond the usual I have a package and now I have to send that kind of processing. In this situation shipping is not just a function of the warehouse it is a process run by the company. There must be plans on how to get the information required for delivery processing how to use the information to create business rules to send the order correctly and how to properly route the results of what has been sent to the appropriate storage locations in the company.

A new business system must be able to handle existing business requirements and processes as well as being scalable up and across the company. A company delivery system purchase should be the last purchase required by any company. The ability to handle the workload to endless levels is an important requirement for each company delivery system.

When adopting new software companies need to introduce new thought processes and automated workflows to manage their orders. Introducing a new system into a company requires a resolution process for efficient use of the companys delivery system. It is not meaningful to automate a bad process or a manual process to just adapt to a corporate delivery solution. Report existing processes to ensure that they will work well in an automated environment. Confirm these processes by asking the people who currently perform them manually to participate in the reworking of internal processes. Only when purchase and employment purchases are available will any new system work as it was designed.

Companies grow and change over time. A business delivery solution must be able to handle that growth and must be able to adapt. Computer hardware will always be more powerful and the operating system used today does not look like the software that will be used in ten years. The companys shipping system is required to follow these changes. Buy once upgrade forever. Enterprise delivery system must be intelligent. There are complex rules in game in the company that are needed for customers to come back and order more. Shipping on friday? Customer 123 wants the order sent FedEx Saturday delivery but only if the total order cost exceeds $ 750 and only during the fourth quarter. Corporate shipping can be as sophisticated or as simple as just sending it to UPS.

Most importantly a corporate delivery solution should benefit other functions within the company. Customer service needs to know if the order is sent today. What was the tracking number? Accounting needs to know the cost of shipping. The warehouse needs to know the transmission volumes for the past year. The CEO of Distribution must have all delivery information for its 12 distribution centers in the last twelve months available to him for interest rate development. Right now.

An organization can no longer live from the old saying if not broken do not fix it. Many processes within a company can be improved even though these processes work well today. What must be kept in perspective is the cost of improvement compared to profit in productivity or information visibility. This type of solution must be able to provide a motivated return. If the cost of improvements is too large most companies try to find a more affordable solution before they completely end the project.

This type of project need not be pushed to the page of other company software projects. In recent years it has been an important project to integrate a company delivery solution into the organization. Now the severity has fallen sharply thanks to better software and hardware engineering. The implementation of a corporate delivery system today is now much easier. Many companies find that they can handle the project in the house with a reduced level of support from the system integrator or software manufacturer.

Take time to identify your goals choose a reputable supplier assign a project owner within your organization. and realize that a corporate delivery project is one that becomes much easier to implement than a WMS or ERP project.

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